This weekend we are going to Narberth Food Festival for Saturday and Sunday. I am taking the range of welshcakes plus some yummy food from the Pommes side of the business – Michelmas Pies, cakes etc. I am hoping forbgood weather – it would be lovely if we finally had a burst of September sunshine to help us along!

Will update on the weekends events in due course!


Well we have just come back from Abergavenny Food Festival. An amazing experience and a fabulous event for the welshcakes. I was delighted that so many people tried and loved and bought all the different flavours. Having started the concept of savoury welshcakes I am over the moon that customers love them. Once again the sundried tomato and Parmesan sold out as did oat and dill and parsley and thyme as indeed did lots of the sweet flavours including lemon curd, apricot and almond and the apple and cider which I had created especially for Abergavenny.

I also was delighted to provide welshcakes for the VIP goodie bags and hospitality suite and again the reaction was amazing.

I am now getting ready for Narberth food festival this weekend so please come along and see us and try out the flavours!

Well the world of Simply Welsh Cakes is really getting going now.  The brilliant – and I don’t say this lightly – but Noelle is brilliant – Noelle Pollington has come up with the most amazing logo and graphics for the website.  Noelle is based not too far from me here in Wales – just into Pembrokeshire and having found Noelle we arranged to have a meeting to discuss the brief for the designs but also the photography.

How Noelle managed to work out from my warblings what the brief is something in itself but to actually then produce designs that are literally everything I had visualised and so much more was something else.  But I am over the moon with the results.  The logo is contemporary but traditional and it completely conveys the brand image and the ethos behind it.  I had also asked Noelle is she could come up with a solution for the online shop.  It is always really difficult to convey online different flavours for foods because pictures don’t always show the different flavours very well.  So Noelle has come up with a brilliant alternative which is fun but makes clear the different options!  I am so excited!

Now having gone about how fab Noelle is here is her website so you can check it out for yourself!  http://www.jonesthegraphics.co.uk/need-photography/

Now we are getting so much further on with the designs it really feels like we are making progress and I am really enjoying the design bit but can’t wait to actually get it launched and get out there and start marketing the Welsh Cakes!

Anyway will update again shortly with news on how the project is progressing!

Just sorting out all the technical stuff – twitter, facebook, this blog and the website!  I have always thought I am reasonably technichally minded but I have to say I am feeling very confused!  Not sure about all the settings for the blog, keep getting all the settings wrong for the Facebook page and don’t get me started on linking Twitter to Facebook – all hilarious stuff usually but at midnight you do feel a little pathetic when you still can’t get a picture to upload and you know that really you should be onto sorting out the final recipes and proof reading labels rather than pressing the install Twitter application for the millionth time as you tell yourself you will not be beaten!

However, one good thing that has come out of all this – I do finally like my i-phone – which i saying something I have been moaning ever since November when I swapped from the Blackberry to the i-phone and yesterday I finally stopped  – the i-phone has finally after months of courting me got me to fall in love with it!  So Westminser is not the only place where new and strange love matches can take place – Carmarthenshire is embracing it too!

Anyway I had better get this blog posted and then it is back to the proofs of labels, etc etc etc!

Oh and of course back to fine tuning the Welshcakes – the most important bit of all! x

Hello from Simply Welsh Cakes!

This is a new and exciting project from West Wales.  This blog will detail all the proceses as we set up and launch our new range of scrummy (we think – we hope you do to!) Welshcakes!  So I hope you find it interesting and check back to see how we are getting on!